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Wednesday 04th March 2015 Art with a Heart 'H2O' exhibition

H20: Water Exhibition
Art with a Heart, Altrincham
On display until 3 May 2015
Art with a Heart’s H2O exhibition is a celebration of water, presenting the aesthetics beauty of fluidity. Two of my woodcuts have been included, Barents Sea and Lighthouse, both from the Western Edges series.
Other artists in the exhibition: Adam Bruderer, Anne Turner, Anastasia Russa, Anthony Brown, Agniezska Matyjaszek, Bex Wild, Catherine Phillips, Clare Hirsch, Chris Francis, Emmylou Kelly, Emily Tomasso, Ewa Habdas, Georgina Ferrans, Helen Davies, Ian Cooke Tapia, Jave Yoshimoto, Joan Bradley, John Byde, John Carroll, Kristiina  Välke, Lynda Nyland, Madeleine Williamson, Mary Atherton, Matthew Kay, Sarah Morley, Steve Marsden, Sue Hotchkis, Wendy Wallwork.
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Posted on March 04th 2015 on 08:57pm