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Thursday 26th May 2016 Utopia/Dystopia Exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath

I have been selected to take part in the exhibition Utopia/Dystopia as part of Bath's Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival. The exhibition is one of a series of events and exhibitions in the city inspired by the 500th anniversary of the publication of Utopia, Sir Thomas More’s reflections on the concept of an ideal society.
Yellow Wallpaper 1   Yellow Wallpaper 2
Four lino/monoprint prints have been created in response to The Yellow Wallpaper, the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilmore. In the story, a woman is confined or imprisoned in her room and attempts to claw through the wallpaper in an attempt to reveal what she sees underneath. The writing can be interpreted as a Gothic Horror tale but it is also an early Feminist tract, as her condition is linked to her apparent lack of independence.
Yellow Wallpaper 3   Yellow Wallpaper 4
The exhibition runs from 27 May to 12 June 2016.
Walcot Chapel
94 Walcot Street

Posted on May 26th 2016 on 07:55pm